Your Comprehensive Guide to Hunting in Hawaii: Seasons, Game, and Getting a Gun Permit on Maui

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors and the allure of hunting, then Hawaii’s wild landscape is beckoning to you. But before you don your camo gear and head out on a hunting adventure, it’s crucial to understand the ins and outs of the island’s unique hunting regulations, including seasons, weapons (especially if you’re planning on getting a gun permit on Maui). Read on for information on how to hunt responsibly and for information on the unique hunting opportunities Hawaii has to offer.

Game Species and Seasons

Hawaii offers a diverse range of game species, making it an enticing destination for hunters of all kinds. Some of the most popular game species in Hawaii include feral pigs, goats, sheep, and various bird species.

-Feral Pigs: Feral pigs are one of the most sought-after game animals in Hawaii, and they are ABUNDANT across the islands (you’ll probably spot them from your car). The hunting season for feral pigs is year-round, with no bag limits, making it an ideal target for hunters looking for a thrilling hunting adventure at any time of the year.

-Goats and Sheep: Hawaii is home to various introduced goat and sheep populations, providing excellent opportunities for hunters seeking challenging hunts in scenic mountainous terrain. Goat and sheep hunting seasons vary by island and are typically open year-round or with limited closures during specific times of the year.

-Game Birds: Hawaii boasts a vibrant and diverse population of game birds, including ring-necked pheasants, chukar partridges, and wild turkeys. Hunting seasons for these game birds are usually restricted to specific months, ensuring sustainable populations and a fair opportunity for hunters. 

Checking with island and local experts can be helpful for in-depth knowledge surrounding hunting seasons. Contacting local gun shops can be a great place to start (plus, you can get a start on obtaining a gun permit in Maui, if you so desire!)

Hunting Regulations and Gun Permits

Hunting in Hawaii is regulated by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR). It is essential for all hunters to obtain the necessary hunting licenses and permits before embarking on their hunting adventures. Additionally, hunters must adhere to specific bag limits, hunting areas, and firearm regulations, ensuring the preservation of Hawaii’s unique ecosystem and wildlife.

Hunting with a Permitted Gun on Maui

Gun hunting on Maui (and on the other islands) is a popular and thrilling activity for both residents and visitors seeking an outdoor adventure. But before suiting up, it is essential to obtain a valid gun permit  in Maui, issued by the Maui Police Department. The permit application process typically involves a background check and a waiting period, ensuring that only responsible and law-abiding individuals are granted the privilege to possess and use firearms for hunting purposes. With the permit in hand, hunters can explore Maui’s diverse terrains and target game species like feral pigs, goats, and other introduced animals. Safety and adherence to hunting regulations are of utmost importance to ensure a memorable and enjoyable hunting experience on the enchanting island of Maui.

To find out more about hunting, state regulations, or obtaining a gun permit on Maui, contact Maui Ammo and Gun Supply today!