It can be difficult as a gun owner or gun enthusiast to find the right spot for all your firearm needs. You may even find yourself searching for “ammo store near me”. But rest assured, if you are one of these individuals (we’ve been there ourselves!) then you have found the right spot. Here at Maui Guns and Ammo, we take pride in our knowledge, inventory, and selection. So, whether you’re looking for permit classes, have questions about Maui gun laws, or are searching for an “ammo store near me” from Maui, then look no further!

What Our Shop Offers

There are many reasons to visit a gun store on Maui. We are your one-stop-shop for everything gun related. Not only do we offer a premium selection of guns at our shop, provide services like gunsmithing and repairs, and offer classes and training, but we are available to answer all your gun-realated questions.

We especially pride ourselves on our knowledge and our extensive inventory. Although many may be looking to potentially purchase a firearm, you may have all the permits you need and simply find yourself searching for “ammo store near me in Maui”. That’s why we make sure to offer a large selection of rifles, shotguns, handguns, ammo, reloading supplies, locks, safes, apparel and accessories. We also offer everything from basic cleaning to complete disassembly, clean safety checks, and oil and reassembly.

You can also visit us for training and classes. Our staff has over 35 years in firearm teaching experience as well as military and law enforcement backgrounds. This means that you’ll always get the most informative and knowledgeable lessons and information when you visit our Maui gun store.

About Maui Ammo and Gun Supply

So, if you find yourself search for an “ammo store near me” we are proud to be your premier Maui gun shop. As a family owned and operated local business, our passion for what we do is made possible by our customers who support us. Visit us to check out our incredible selection, inquire about our services, or learn more about the classes we offer.

Outside Ammo Rules

To ensure safety, all ammo brought in is be inspected prior to entering the range. While Maui Guns and Ammo permits individuals to bring their own factory ammunition at this time, we will not allow you to fire any reloads or ammunition with steel or bi-metal composition bullet heads in addition to anything illegal in the state of Hawai’i including incendiary, explosive, armor piercing, etc. Before entering the range, we will inspect ammunition to see if the bullet head is attracted to magnets. If so, that means that the ammunition is made of bi-metal. This type of ammunition will not be allowed in our range. Also, 308 caliber ammo must be soft point or hollow point and we will not allow FMJ.

Although range firearm and ammunition are both limited at this time due to shortages, we always try our best to ensure our shop has options available for visitors. We appreciate your patience and understanding surrounding these rules.